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Super Newt introduces Quick Facts: Helpful and interesting facts about newts and salamanders located throughout!

Links and Forums:                                       Updated Oct 7th/07
What is a Newt/Salamander?:                                                  Updated Oct 7/07

Health and Medication:                                             Updated July 5/08

Amphibian Terms:                                              Updated Oct 7/07
  Memorial Gardens 
Photos (pages 1 to 4 and 6 only):                       Updated Oct 27/07        more photos and updates to follow
     Set Up:                                                 Updated June 5th/08
 Filtration:                                                 Updated May 19th/08
                                       Feeding:                                                  Updated June 5th/08                                       
    Games:         Updated Feb 17th/08 with puzzles added!